Working with Lauren has been beyond a dream. Her knowledge and ideas are exceptional and working alongside her has transformed my business into what I always dreamed of but was never able to achieve on my own. We have worked together for many months and her work ethic is unstoppable and her ability to produce work to deadlines something you rarely find these days. I thank her all the time as she never ceases to amaze me.

Carole Barran, Founder, Lacuna Child

Lauren is a complete joy to work with. She is passionate about small, sustainable businesses and has championed mine from the start. We collaborated on a small kids backpack range using fabric remnants to raise money for an autistic charity, a cause very close to her heart. I was blown away with her creativity, tenacity and professionalism - I hope I will get the chance to work with her again!

Hannah Gilmour, Founder, 46 Stitch

Energetic and passionate, Lauren's depth of knowledge and experience is truly inspiring. She exudes confidence, a reflection of her professionalism within the luxury and contemporary fashion business.

Lauren's attention to detail and commitment to exemplary deliverance on ideas and projects is amazing. Helping those around her make choices conducive to their business needs. In her own words, 'buying less, choosing well'.

Sarah Simons, Founder, British Baby Box

I have been working with Lauren for just over a year and am lucky enough to now be able to call her a friend as well as a mentor. She has taken my brand under her wing and really brought it to life, with a wealth of knowledge in the fashion industry, along with brand identity and development that is second to none. Her enthusiastic nature means I always leave our meetings feeling inspired and encouraged, and I can safely say I would not have reached this point in launching my business if it wasn’t for her. Lauren is proof that kindness and business really can go hand in hand and I cannot recommend her more highly.

Henny Clarke, Founder, By Soren

Collaborating with Lauren is an absolute joy! Her passion, enthusiasm and commitment to always strive for the best is contagious. Lauren's personal style is exquisite and you always know that any brand she advises on will be an instant hit.

Vickie Keeble, Founder, Vickie Keeble Styling (former Style Director, Net a Porter)

I met Lauren many years ago when we were both starting out in fashion. Everyone admired her style and, consciously or not, began emulating it. Over the years we lost touch, like most mums do as life takes over, but happily our paths crossed again thanks to good old social media!

I recently started my own fashion business and Lauren has been an incredible support; no problem is too small or too great for her. Even after 20 years in fashion I find her advice and guidance invaluable. If you are looking for support or help in the ever changing fashion industry, especially in the sustainable luxury/premium field, you’ve come to the right place. She is the queen of it!

Silva Hrabar-Owens, Founder, Under her eyes

Lauren has a simple and modern aesthetic. A style that is effortless in the way it is put together. Lauren not only has a huge passion for championing small independent brands, she has a gift for discovering them too.

Becky Leeson, Founder, Becky's Wardrobe (Former Buying Manager, ASOS)

Lauren is one of the most knowledgeable people on style, sustainability and branding. Her intuitive nature means that she is able to discover new note worthy brands with ease. Having worked closely with her at Net-a-Porter, I know how hardworking and dedicated she is. Her level of commitment to sustainable fashion is unmatched and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for A Style Lab.

Ria Odutola , Founder, Flossy Sunday

Lauren has such a fantastic eye for fashion. Her style is both approachable yet carefully considered, with an emphasis on comfort and class. She is such an advocate for small businesses, looking deeply into how and why these brands are making efforts for their customers be it creating small batches, giving back or ethical productions. She always manages to style clothes so effortlessly and with such an attention to detail – not easy with two kids running around!

Emily Campbell, Founder, If Only if 

Lauren has been so supportive of our brand since launch. She really gets under the skin of a brand and knows just how to communicate and amplify its essence. She has a very chic eye and a real understanding of what small sustainable businesses need as they grow. She is beautifully creative and utterly lovely to boot. It’s a joy to work with her.

Rachel Carvell-Spedding, Founder, Navy Grey

I have had a great time collaborating with Lauren. We only met by coincidence but it was one that has led me to believe my journey is in the right direction. I feel like she and I will be making some major progress on sustainability, especially for women who love wearing fine jewellery. 

The hints of glam in her aesthetic are just enough to make things interesting; while still maintaining sustainability as one of her key values. This is one of the many things that makes collaborating with this stylish entrepreneur so much fun!

Sonika Kumar, Founder & Creative Director, Auric Jewellery

Lauren & I first bonded over our love of Instagram and it was clear to me she has an amazing eye and a talent for creating a beautiful aesthetic. Her knowledge of brands is extensive and she has a genuine passion for sustainability, which shows in everything she does. Would recommend Lauren in a heartbeat!

Vanessa Jennings, Sales & Marketing Director, Rosamund Muir